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On The Tom Chenault Show

I will be on The Tom Chenault Show ( on
Sunday, February 17, at 4:00 P.M. EST.

Tom Chenault is one of the biggest names in Network Marketing. He is a leader in the industry and I also am able to serve on the Board of Directors of The Association of Network Marketing Professionals with him. He is a person who I deeply admire and is also one of the kindest persons ever!

Tom will also be interviewing Garrett McGrath of Evolv and Richard Poe, a famedNew York Times best seller.

Tom will be talking with me about the upcoming ANMP Convention and also
about the new release of “The 9 Rules to Succeed in Network Marketing”

I hope you can join us on the show!

A Smile Made Me Successful; Brain Tumor

It’s been over 20 years ago since I had a life altering event. I was practicing for a mini-triathlon and was very excited. I knew I wouldn’t win the event but winning for me would be finishing. It had been a long, hard road and this would be a big personal victory. Little did I know, I had to go through hell before I found it.

In 1982, I entered Brigham Young University (BYU) to begin my second degree. I had applied for and been accepted to the accounting program at BYU. At the time, their program was ranked as one of the top 5 accounting programs in the nation. The number of classes and difficulty of those classes coupled with my workload left me with no time for exercise. By the time I was 25, I had been studying, working, and eating junk food for many years and since I had to give up something, I chose to quit exercising. It’s easy to guess what the consequence of my actions was. I became quite fat. Not a little bit, a lot of bit.

To graduate with a degree from BYU, I had to take and pass a class called “Fitness for Life.” At the beginning of the term, they tested your body fat and then you worked closely with your teacher and assistants to improve. At the end of the term, they would test the body fat level again, and the difference between the two was used to determine your grade or so they said. It was a summer school class so since there was less time (about half the time of a normal semester), I knew I would have to do work very hard to get a good grade. The first day of class, the teacher’s assistant measured my fat levels and the result shouldn’t have been surprising; I measured obese. Ouch! They told me if I didn’t change my habits, I would probably die from a heart attack by 35 or 40. Needless to say, that day I received a much needed awakening!

I began running every day and watching what I ate. Even after I graduated from BYU and was working at Nu Skin I continued to exercise. It became a great stress reliever! After a while, I came up with the crazy idea to train for the mini-triathlon.

By that time, things seemed to be going so well in my life. Nu Skin was already had lots of momentum and our story was one of complete success. I had two wonderful children (at the time). It seemed as if life were so good and couldn’t get any better.

In a triathlon, there are three events: biking, swimming and running. So, I began practicing and training. For my bike training, I usually rode quite early in the morning, that way I could usually practice another event after work and thus train for 1 or 2 of the events almost daily. After a while, I began to fall over while riding my bike. At first, I thought I was just clumsy and felt pretty embarrassed. Since some of my friends were riding at the same time, I would quickly get up, brush myself off and act as if I hit a bump or something. The last thing I wanted was them teasing me, telling me to buy training wheels.

As I continued training, I became confused about where I was. Oftentimes, I would stop and try and remember how long I had been running or biking and also try to remember the route home. At the same time, I began having excruciating headaches almost daily. Sometimes they hurt so bad, I thought I would cry.

One day, I became very confused; even though I was barely half a mile from my home, I was lost. I walked in to the local convenience store and told them I was lost and couldn’t remember anything. I gave the cashier my driver’s license and asked if he would please call someone for me. He wasn’t very excited to do anything, but since my head hurt so bad, I sat on the floor and refused to move. He then looked in the phone directory, found my name and number, and asked the person who answered (my wife) to come pick me up. Needless to say, the next morning, I went to the doctor’s office. I had already been several times complaining of headaches, but this was more considerably more concerning.

My doctor scheduled an MRI for the next day. The next day I went and they performed the procedure. Late that night, I received a phone call from my doctor. He simply said, “Keith, we have found some abnormalities in your brain. I have scheduled an appointment for you tomorrow morning with a neurosurgeon; don’t miss it.” I had tons of questions, but he simply hung up, reminding me to go to the appointment the next morning. Even though it was late at night, I can promise you I slept very little that night.

The next morning I went to the neurosurgeon’s office. He was very nice and he put the photos of the MRI on a screen where I could see them. He said, “Keith, these two circles are tumors. We need to remove at least one of them. I suggest we remove one which was in an area where the chances for problems are much less than where the other one is.” He told they would remove the first tumor and perform a “freeze test” on it. From what I understood, the freeze test was about 95% accurate and would tell if the tumors were cancerous. If the “freeze test” was positive, then I had a cancer and he would then remove the second one. The second one was in a very dangerous spot because all of the sensory nerves ran through the second tumor. He then explained that when they removed the first one, I would possibly lose one of the sensory nerves; however, if they had to remove the second one, I would definitely lose more than one of the senses.

I had some other questions, but I was too stunned to talk. Why was this happening to me? I was at the top of my “game.” I was an owner of a company that employed thousands and many other thousands depended upon the work I was doing. I was serving on various charitable boards and also gave my Sundays as a counselor to the youth at my church. How and why; how and why? Surely God had made a mistake. I felt was doing so many good things and this wasn’t a just reward, yet… The doctor gave me less than a week before he performed the surgery.

Word spread quickly in our community. I really didn’t want any attention; I just wanted to be with my family. Isn’t it interesting, I had spent so much time working for the last few years, but when I was faced with life and death, I didn’t wish for more time to work? I only wished for the time I hadn’t worked… Because of my position at Nu Skin, I needed to make sure that everything was taken care of, so I began assigning out work to others. I wasn’t quite sure how long I would be gone, but the surgeon told me to plan on a month, so I was making all the necessary assignments. As I did, word spread quickly throughout the work force and then the entire community of my approaching surgery.

Over the next few days, I had so many friends come to our home and wish me the best. I was very grateful for the time they took. However, I hadn’t heard anything from one of my best friends. I thought that maybe he was too shocked or upset to talk about it. A few days before the surgery, he finally came to the office to talk with me. I honestly thought he came to wish me well. However, after only visiting for only the briefest of time, he left. I was quite shocked but the next few minutes shocked me more than I could have imagined. As he walked out of my office, I noticed that he turned the wrong way; he wasn’t headed for the exit, in fact there was only one room in that direction. I quickly got up to help him, but as I approached my office door, I watched as the person who I thought was my “closest” friend walk out of my office and go straight to the office of the chairman. What was he doing? Why was he going there? There I was, already scared beyond belief, and I learned that he was walking down to interview and put his name in as a replacement for me. It was something that hurt beyond belief. I was going through one the toughest times in my life and one of my so called friends was trying hard to take advantage of me and the situation. He was trying to become my replacement.

About a month later, after the surgery was over and I was back at work, I talked with my partner, who was also the chairman. I asked him why, why hadn’t he hired my friend? In reality, he was better educated, had a lot more experience and to be honest, knew a lot more than me and would probably be a lot better at the job.

I then got an answer that surprised me. He said something like, “Keith, in the very beginning, one of the biggest reasons I wanted you to be part of the team was because you would smile, you were friendly and kind, and you worked so hard. I could and would ask you to do some really hard tasks, tasks that would take many, many extra hours of work; tasks that most people would have complained at or only done half way. But, you would always answer me with a smile and would get the job done. Don’t get me wrong; we knew you were very bright, but there are a lot of smart people out there. Your friendly and kind attitude was what helped you become part of the original founders and your smile made sure that you would always be part of us.”

A smile. A simple smile. I made millions of dollars with a smile whose teeth hadn’t even had braces on them. A smile put me in the position to be associated with a company who has helped so many and become an icon in the industry. A smile changed my financial life forever!

The Face in the Glass

The Face in the Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self
And the world makes you king for a day,
Just go to a mirror and look at yourself
And see what that face has to say

For it isn’t your father or mother or wife
Whose judgment upon you must pass,
The person whose verdict counts the most in your life
Is the one staring back from the glass.

Some people might think you’re a straight-shootin’ chum
And call you a great gal or guy,
But the face in the glass says you’re only a bum
If you can’t look it straight in the eye.

That’s the one you must please, never mind all the rest,
That’s the one that is with you clear to the end,
And you will know you have passed your most dangerous test
If the face in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years
And get pats on the back as you pass,
But your final reward will be heartache and tears
If you’ve cheated the face in the glass.

Computer Industry with Lan Fan

In another situation, as Nu Skin was just beginning, another good friend asked me to help him sell one of the key computer programs that was instrumental in the networking technology. In the early days of networking, there were a lot of parts that even the brightest programmers couldn’t get to work. One part that no one could figure out was the “print program.” If two or more computers sent a print command to a shared printer, both of the computers would crash. No one could figure out how to write a queue program. It baffled even the largest companies. Then, one of my good friends, who graduated from BYU at the same time I did, wrote the code that solved the problem. In fact, he was hailed as one of the people making LAN technology, or networking, possible. He knew his code and program was extremely valuable, but he didn’t believe he could sell it to the computer giants. He wanted me to go and sell the program to them. He thought that I could sell someone almost anything, just because I was nice and handled myself well with people.

I told him that I didn’t know the first thing about computers. In 1985 and 1986, hardly anyone had a computer in their home. It was unheard of! I certainly didn’t own one and I didn’t even have the basic knowledge of how one worked. Yet he believed that I could sell the program to giants like IBM and Intel. So, off I went, basically as a favor to him to meet with these companies. I was shocked as I entered their massive corporate offices; they were huge and beautiful! I was even more shocked when they received me and then bought the program! My friend gave me ownership in his company and since the program had a 17 year life on the patent, we received commissions for 17 years every time an Intel or IBM operating system sold. I then helped him by going and talking to the companies who bought his program.

At a crucial point of my life, when my friend needed help marketing and servicing one of the most important programs of the time, he chose me to help. Why? He told me, “Because you smile; you go out of your way to be nice and would make sure that the companies and I are taken care of.” His company did so well financially that I felt embarrassed about how much money I earned. I remember looking at one on the first checks we received. It was for $175,000. When it came in the mail, I called and asked him if the amount could possibly be correct; I was stunned when my friend said, “Yes, but that’s just from one company right?” He said it was just about what he thought it would be in the beginning. He reminded me to be sure to deposit the check in our company account and to write out 2 checks; 1 for him and 1 for me. When I looked at the amount of that first check I received, I can remember I started crying. My portion alone was more than my parents jointly earned in a year. They had worked so hard and struggled so long and yet I had barely done anything and made more.

Once again, a smile and a good attitude helped make me successful. Be nice, be kind, and learn to help each other. This is not a utopian request; this is one of the “Rules of the Game.” This is a “Rule of Success” in MLM and in life. I definitely would not have had the success I’ve had without abiding by this rule.

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly narcissistic by the day. So many are thinking only about me, me, me. “What is in it for me?” I have heard those words so often they make me cringe. Now, I do know that each and every one of us needs to be careful and we need to make sure that we take care of ourselves and our family, but when we put ourselves first, above all else, we are on a bumpy path that leads to unhappiness.

Summer of 1991, NuSkin Lawsuit

It took NuSkin many years to become truly successful; but by the Summer of 1991, we were in full momentum across the country! We were one of the biggest MLM’s company’s and were growing at an astronomical rate. By that summer, NuSkin was rapidly growing across the USA and many people were talking about us on TV and were using the products. We had finally arrived! We even had a former President of the US speak at our convention.
Little did any of us know it was the peace before the storm. It was coming, coming quickly, and when it hit, it was one of the worst storms I have ever seen!

In August of 1991, the “USA Today”, on page 2 carried the headline, “Arata vs. Blake Roney, Keith Halls, Steve Lund and NuSkin”. No one at NuSkin knew about the article or the lawsuit or anything until I received a phone call from my mother the day it appeared in the paper. She called and was crying; she was worried that something was wrong and I was in trouble. If it were in the newspaper, it must be true, right?

Arata had filed a lawsuit against us, claiming that NuSkin was a pyramid scheme and she wanted all of her money back. Within days, it became a class action suit, which was gathering steam. The suit was originally filed in Michigan, and soon, all of the Attorney’s General (AG) in the individual states of the USA had joined the suit. Together, they were seeking damages of over 80 million USD.

I assured my mother that all was well, that we had done nothing wrong, that it was merely a person seeking money. But she was crying and scared. I calmed her, because I knew we were in the right.

However, deep inside of me, I was scared. I knew we were completely in the right and perfectly legal, but it seemed as if someone or some company or companies were trying to close us down. The Arata lawsuit became one of the biggest cases against the network marketing industry. It seemed as if the US Government was bound and determined to close down the industry and pulled out all of the ammo they could think of. In the end, it turned into one of the biggest case in Network Marketing history that helped to legitimatize the industry. It cost us owners over 50 millions of dollars; I was 33 when it began and I felt like aged 10 years in the next few months.

Since NuSkin had grown large rather quickly and since we were all young, Barbara Walter’s, the famed news reporter, sensed blood and televised a very negative one sided report against us. In July, we were the most popular MLM Company throughout the USA. By August, thanks to the lawsuit, the 50 states AG’s, the US government and also Barbara Walters, the sentiment in the entire country was against network marketing and especially NuSkin.

Our company sales dropped quickly. In fact, our US sales dropped from over 500 million a year, to about 100 million. Our distributors were leaving in droves, wondering if we were legal or not.

To make matters worse, our legal bills were astronomical. We were determined to prove to everyone that the industry was legitimate and also that NuSkin was innocent. While the attorney’s bills were growing, our costs were eating up all of the cash we had. I had ordered product when the company sales were growing and now the bills were now due. I was working nearly 20 hours a day, to make sure that all of the bills were paid while also begging our suppliers to work with us. I told the Board that cash wouldn’t last much longer.

We had saved 20 million USD and were planning on using that money to open Japan with.

As a company, we had never been in debt. Since day one, one of our goals was to keep the company free of debt. We didn’t owe anyone, anything. I am sure glad we didn’t at that time, because we simply couldn’t have paid.
Then the day came. We had about 7 – 10 days of cash left, at best. We had never borrowed money, now no one would have loaned us money.
We had a Board meeting of all of the owners. Blake, Steve and I had kept everyone abreast of the situation, but now it was time to have an emergency meeting. I explained the cash problem; everyone knew why it was happening. Blake, Steve and I, expressed our belief that if we could just open Japan as we had planned, things would be fine. We had saved 20 million for the opening of Japan. We wanted to send the money and open the country, but we were out of cash.

Blake then asked the owners to loan back the money we had made, so we would have enough cash to get us through the next few months. He didn’t demand it, nor require it. He asked us to.

I had worked at NuSkin for over seven years. The first two, none of the owners made any money. Over the next five years, my wife and I had lived frugally and carefully saved money. I had been able to save quite a bit of money. Every time I got a bonus check or a dividend check, I saved it. Now, all of the money I saved, I was being asked to loan back. He didn’t force anyone, he just simply asked us to help in this time of crisis. There was no guarantee we would be paid back. If we weren’t, well I would start over again.

In reality, it was a very easy decision for me. I wasn’t going to quit, I wasn’t going to leave and I was going to make sure that I did everything I could to help in this time of crisis. We put our money in!
I then watched as Blake, Steve and the other owners, loaned back the money they had made. We wouldn’t quit! We had all been through too much together and knew our future was bright.

Within 6 months, the Courts ruled in our favor and just as importantly, in the industry’s favor. We began to grow in the US again. Japan sales topped 250 million in that first year. Within 5 years, NuSkin had one of the most successful IPO’s on Wall Street.

Seven people didn’t quit; a major bump in the road was removed and NuSkin became the giant they were destined to be.

My First day in Network Marketing As a Distributor

My first day as a distributor was very interesting. Not only was it one of the most exciting and greatest, but it was almost my last. I know that’s hard to imagine, such a swing between feelings. But if it weren’t for the deep convictions I have about not quitting, it would have been very hard for me not to. Let me explain.

The night before I signed and joined, a good friend of mine named Seth, called and asked me if I would listen to a presentation about a new MLM Company that he had joined. I didn’t want to listen to them. I didn’t think he would have found a Company that I would join. I had been looking for 18 months for the right company to join and hadn’t found it. How could a young man of about 25 have found a Company that the former Sr. V.P. of NuSkin couldn’t find? (It was a moment of weakness and arrogance and I am embarrassed I felt that way). He asked if they could come over the next morning and I reluctantly agreed.

The next morning, they arrived early, about 7:45 A.M. Even though his upline was a very good friend of mine, I was halfhearted at best, to listen to their message. However, as they began to talk, I became more and more interested. By the time they were finished, I was ready to join. I couldn’t believe it! It was such an exciting moment for me. It seemed to be the first company to meet the qualifications I was looking for, and I had been searching for over 18 months.

They of course, wanted to solidify my interest and quickly gave me an application so I could sign up as a member of the company and their downline. As soon I signed it, Seth quickly took it and rushed to the Company, whose headquarters were only about 5 miles away. He didn’t want me having second thoughts and possibly backing out. He also wanted to get me the starter kit and the products I ordered. Seth was very excited and so was I. This was the moment I had dreamed about; I was finally a distributor and now I could go and build that long term residual check I so wanted.

After Seth left to go and to the office, Dianne (the other person he brought) asked me if I would go to California for a 3-4 day tour of several cities. She explained that I should get to work as soon as I could and I agreed. So I readily agreed to go along and thus began my start in MLM as a Distributor. She used the same travel agent as I did, and with a quick phone call, the agent quickly arranged my flights to match hers. She explained that the company was still new, so there may be as few as 20-30 people at the meeting. But that quickly changed.
As we flew to California to go to my first meeting, Seth and others were busy inviting people to come to the meeting. They were contacting as many people as they could. They kept telling people, “Look, one of the former owners of NuSkin is in our company. Don’t you think he knows a good company when he finds one?” By the time we arrived in Sacramento, over 200 people had committed to come. For a Company that had very, very few members, that was quite an audience.

Both Diane and Seth had heard me speak many times at NuSkin. They just knew I would do great. However, there was a big difference. Even though I had spoken in front of audiences of over 20,000 and had captivated them, I also had a strong belief system in NuSkin. (Rule #2). In this new company, I didn’t know enough about the company, the products, or the compensation plan sufficiently to give a good talk. In fact, they hadn’t even asked me to talk. Actually, I was going on the trip to listen and learn the methods and information others shared at a meeting. I was going to contact my friends of course, but this was supposed to be a learning trip for me. However, for the 250+ people who came that night, they wanted to know what I thought about the company. I soon learned that I was the reason so many people were there.

By the time we got from the airport to the event, the room of 250 was already full and people were standing in the halls. As we walked in to the event and 2men quickly ran from the back of the room to talk with me. They were hoping to film me, telling why I had left one company and gone to the next (which was not the true story; I had been gone for 18 months from NuSkin). They wanted to film, edit and then sell the video of my talk. They asked for my permission and I gave it to them.

By this time, I was really feeling queasy and full of anxiety about the event.

At 7:00, the meeting began and someone I had never met was welcoming me, telling everyone what a great person and speaker I was. Next, my upline Dianne, also said some really nice things. She then introduced me and I slowly walked to the stage. Deep down I wondered how in the world I could possibly have gotten myself into this mess; I wasn’t ready to speak and I didn’t remember enough of the information I was told that morning when I joined.

What happened next will be forever etched in my mind. I walked to the stage and said, “Hello. My name is Keith Halls. Umm. I think this is a very good Company. Umm. I joined this Company today. Umm, I think you should to.” I stood speechless for about 10 seconds more seconds. My mind was blank and I didn’t know what to say or do. So I just said, “Thank you.” I then walked back to my seat.

Never have so many people, been expecting so much and gotten so little. At first, some thought I was playing a joke, but within 5 minutes the room was nearly cleared of some highly frustrated people. I can still remember quickly finding the two gentlemen who were taping me. I had to get that tape back. I was imaging what all of my friends would say when they saw it. I asked them if I could buy it from them. They said something close to, “Here, you can have it back. Nobody will buy this thing.” I knew I was really bad, but they sure emphasized the point to me.

The feelings of excitement I had that morning were gone. I was frustrated by my lack of performance and also at my upline. Couldn’t she have told me something about speaking, so I could have prepared on the plane? I was humiliated and I felt sure that other people were already talking and telling others what my first talk was like. Had I made a mistake that morning?

It gets worse. Way worse. My upline, who had been so happy and excited for me to come on the trip, approached me afterward everyone had left. She said, “Keith, I know you are a busy man. I know you must have a lot of things to do back home. Why don’t you just got ahead and head back home and I will take care of the rest of the trip.” Slam! Not only had I looked like an idiot in front of a couple hundred people, not only had the people who taped me rejected me, but also my upline, the one person you are supposed to look to for help, was telling me that I wasn’t good enough or needed. To seal the day, she had already called the travel agent and changed my tickets; I would be taking a late flight home that night.

I agreed to come back; what could I say? I felt like a complete failure. It was raining that night when I caught a taxi back to the airport. It seemed to me as if every drop of rain, as it hit the car seemed to be talking to me and telling me that I was a failure and the only option left for was for me to quit. I knew that some rather unfaltering things would be said about me and news of the event would quickly spread. Many thoughts raced through my mind on that return flight home. Did I think of quitting? Yes, I did (unfortunately). I am so glad they didn’t have a phone on the airplane; I may have called and quit.

There were many things racing through my mind, but the very first decision I made that night, was that I would not quit. I would not let my hopes and dreams be stolen from me. I would figure out how to succeed and look back on this day and laugh. I would not quit; I would succeed more than I ever dreamed possible. That night, October 1, 2002 was a long time ago. I cannot even begin to imagine how different my life would be if I had quit.

Why I ever Joined Network Marketing; Blake Roney

In the Summer of 1984, I was busy young man. I had graduated from BYU, had a degree in Accounting and had already taken and passed the CPA exam. Since I worked at a local CPA firm during college, I was already qualified to be a CPA.

But by the time I had my certificate in hand, I knew that being a CPA wasn’t for me. After owning my own lawn mowing business in High School, I knew I wanted to be my own boss and leverage the actions of others as well as my own.

So, much to the chagrin of my wife, I had decided to go back to school… law school. I had already gone to 2 different schools and received 2 different degrees. I did well in school; I was even at the top of my class. Since I had already been working for 2 years in a CPA firm during school, I thought the life of a CPA was boring. However, as I look back on time, if there is any profession more boring than being a CPA, then it would have to be a lawyer. And yet I talked my wife in to another 3 years in school.

However, as I explained in the introduction, that summer, my plans changed again when Blake Roney asked me to be a part of the NuSkin team. He asked me to leave behind a potential law degree and a CPA degree, and to “take a chance” with a company that had no sales, no office, and no products. Just as I was going to tell him No! my future was planned out, I told him Yes!. Blake’s enthusiasm and belief were so strong, that we all believed we would succeed. We believed and we also made a promise, we weren’t going to quit.

At the time, other business people and family members told us to quit what we were doing. We were told to get a job. We were told that we would never succeed! It took us nearly 3 months just to open a bank account. No one would even let us open an account. It also took about the same amount of time to get a manufacturer. Outside of the original 7 of us, no one helped us or believed in us, or the company we were forming.

Lawn Mowing with John

Even though I was born in a small town in East Texas, Nacogdoches, what I didn’t know, was that I was a perfect fit for MLM.

Let me explain.

Back when I was a young man, my Mother and Father taught me how to work. By the time I reached the age of 14, I was supposed to find a job. Coming from a small town made it difficult; the fact that we were also a College town, made it nearly impossible. But the rules had been set and so I had to think of something to do. I remembered that the previous summer, many of our neighbors (who were rich enough), would hire a Mowing Company who would come over once a week and mow and care for their lawns. The problem was that the people providing the service were not doing a good job. How did I know this? I would hear our neighbors talk to my Dad and listened as they expressed their frustration.

So, I decided I was going to be the best lawn mower in the whole town and people would beg for me to come and mow their yard. I quickly realized that no one was going to come to me; if I were going to make it, I had to go and ask them. I wrote and memorized the best sales pitch in the whole world (in a fourteen ager’s mind).

I also needed to decide how much to charge. With a minimal amount of research, I found out how much the other Company’s charged. They were charging the amount of $4.00 a yard. To determine my price, I did something a lot more scientific. I estimated how long it would take me to mow a lawn and then decided how many yards I thought I could mow in a day. I did the mathematics and lo and behold, I had to charge $5 per yard. You see, I was a teen-ager and I had serious financial needs. The whole time I was getting ready, I had to remember and keep in mind that I had never mown one lawn, not even one! I didn’t know where the oil and gas went; but I held firm on my price.

My summer job started the same day school ended. The next morning, I had my father teach me how to do the small tasks, such as learning where to put the oil and gas and how to start the mower.
I was so excited to mow my first yard. I had signed up enough people that I knew I would be busy from about 7 AM until 7 PM, 6 days a week. However, I barely made it thru the first day; it was hot and hard, even more importantly I quickly found out that I HATED mowing lawns. That hot Texas sun, which shines 24/7 was beating down on me. After the 2nd or 3rd day, I was already planning my exit strategy. But I knew it was in vain because quitting was not an option in our house. After about two weeks of that Hades of being a lawn mower, I got a phone call one night. One of my best friends was planning a swimming party at the local swimming pool the next day. He told me that over 10 people were coming and so was the girl I was in “puppy love” with. I was in a real dilemma. I wanted to go SO BAD; yet there was just no way I could say yes to him. Most of my clients were allowing me to take care of their lawns only because of the friendships my parents had with them. If I disappointed or neglected them, my parents would find out and I would probably be grounded for a real long time. So I told him no and was heartbroken; until I implemented a plan. I called my other best friend. He hadn’t been invited so I called and asked if he wanted to earn some money. When I called him he was so excited; I told him that it was mowing lawns and he not only accepted, he quickly thanked me. At the end of our conversation he asked me how much he would earn, I thought about it for about 2 or 3 seconds and told collecting the money.” I told him that I would go by and check the lawns, get the money and then I would walk to his house and pay him (he lived only about 500 yards away. ) If he knew were charging the clients $5 and only paying him $4, the penalty would have been excruciating and humiliating. In order to go swimming, I had him mow three lawns for me that day.

At the end of the day, after working, then swimming and playing with my friends, I went and made sure all was well with the lawns he mowed and then I collected the money. Next I went to John’s house and paid him the $4 per yard. As I walked home that night, I was so excited. Not only had I made money off of John’s labors, but I had also played and swam while he worked. This was so great I worried if it were even legal. However, all I was doing was what people all over this great land do every day; I had started my own business. Since that day worked out so incredibly well, I talked with John and realized that he still wanted to work. So I went out again and got enough clients to keep John and me busy. By that time, I was really living the good life. I was making money from the lawns that John and I mowed. I continued to recruit new clients and I got too many for John and me to care for. So I asked my 13 year old brother if he would like to earn some money. I told him the same things I told John and he too was every bit as excited. When he asked me how much he was going to earn, I quickly replied,”$3″. He was only my brother. But he was 13 and excited about the prospects of working. I was excited along with him.

Even though I had never heard of MLM Companies or the power of residual and leveraged income, that is exactly what I was doing. I learned at a very young age how to start my own business and how to earn money.

As a side note, about 35 years later I was speaking to an audience in Houston. Who would be there? John. I told the story to the audience and John heard all about it. While I continued to talk, he figured out how much money he thought he should have earned, along with interest. He interrupted the presentation and presented me with the bill. The audience loved it and I tried to plead poverty.

The Dream Is Alive

I am incredibly grateful. I learned a long time ago how to make money. Don’t get me wrong, I was raised in a small town, small town in East Texas. I was the poor boy in High School and funded my way through two University degrees.

However, I knew what I wanted to do by the age of 14; I just didn’t know how to accomplish do it. I found the answer to becoming rich.

My parents and teachers taught me to study hard and inspired in me the importance of a good education. All I needed to do was to continue on the education and hard work path, and then find a good firm or Company to work for. I would work long and hard for the Company, but the reward would be a good salary and a nice year-end bonus. If I found the right place to work, they would even make sure I had a good retirement. It seemed to make sense to everyone in High School and the University, except for me. I had an idea that was far different than what they spoke of. They couldn’t understand how I didn’t see their vision. I just thought they were blind!
When I was 14, I started a lawn mowing business. It is pretty ironic, since I didn’t even know how to mow a lawn. However, I charged $5.00 a lawn. One day, in desperation, wanting to go to a swimming party that my true love would be at, I called a friend and asked for help. If he were to mow the lawn, I could go to the party. He accepted. I paid him $4.00. That day, my life was changed forever. I got to play, and by leveraging myself, I also made money while I was playing!

I got a lot of extra jobs and paid friends anywhere from $3.00 – $4.00, while I charged $5.00. I pocketed the rest. It became a cash rich business! Not because of the amounts I charged and earned, but by having numerous people working, mowing lawns and by me making a little bit off of each one. Have you ever read Taw Sawyer? Well, I kinda felt like he did when he got people to paint a fence for him. I felt great!
By the time I was 16, I had a lot of fun on my birthday. I went down to the car lot and bought me a brand new Mustang. Here I was, from the “poor side” of a poor town and I drove up in a new Mustang!
By the time I was 18, I paid for the two University degrees.
In 1984, after graduating and becoming a CPA (BORING!!!!!) and ready for a change, I was off to Law School. BUT, it was then I heard about network marketing. It was then I found what I had dreamed of for years and knew would work!

In 1984, I was one of the original shareholders of NuSkin International, one of the largest MLM Companies of all time. In 1996, we had our IPO and I became rich. Really, really rich!
In 2002, I left NuSkin and became a Distributor in a MLM company. Once again, knowing the value and the ability and the opportunity I had at my fingertips, I made millions and millions again.
Everywhere I turn nowadays, I hear that The American Dream is dead or dying. The American Dream is about the chance to better ourselves. It is about the chance to make more of ourselves. It is about the chance to reach out and help others make more of themselves.

No, my friends, no dream is dead or dying. The problem is those who have found how to succeed are not reaching out and sharing the dream with others.

World-wide unemployment is high. Countries are in crisis modes from spending too much. And we offer the solution!
The hope that we have to offer, the dream of a better tomorrow and a better future is just as real today as it ever was. Don’t let your friends give up! Don’t you give up!
Just find the right MLM Company and get to work…
In 1980, I heard a politician say something. It is more real today than it was back then. I will paraphrase and change a bit what he said:
For those of us who dream of a brighter today for ourselves and a much brighter future for all:
The work goes on,
The cause endures,
The hope still lives,
And the DREAM shall never die!!!

Family, Fun and Learning

From August 3, 2012 – August 12, 2012, I was able to be with two of my brothers as we went to fish in Alaska. One brother is named Michael Halls. He has never been in MLM and I doubt he ever will be. But he and I are just 18 months apart in years and have always been very close

Also, Nobuhiro Kaneko and his son Shuhei came and joined with Michael and me. You see, Mr. Kaneko and I are brothers too. I can’t
really explain it to Americans. We have spent hours, weeks, months and years together. We have given each other a lifelong pledge to always work together. For a citizen of Japan, that pledge is sacred. We have also given each other a pledge of brother’s forever. That pledge is even more sacred.

No, we don’t have the same parents. We were raised and live in different countries. But we are committed to helping each other to succeed.

This is a true blessing for me. Mr Kaneko and I were BOTH listed in the NetWork Marketing News in Japan, as one of the Top 10 Distributors for nearly 7 years. It’s not easy being an American and being in that elite club, but I owe it all to Mr Kaneko. Japan Distributor’s vote on who is listed and I feel very blessed.

We still talk together often. While we were on the fishing trip, he and I would get up every morning and talk about MLM around the world and what is happening. We talked about the Companies succeeding and those failing. We were always trying to learn from each other, so we can become “The Best of the Best”

Every afternoon, we would join Michael and Shuhei and fish together. We laughed and told stories. We even had a group of 2 year old bears want to fish in the place where we were. We gladly gave them the spot.

MLM is about lifelong friends; It is about family.

No two people could be better friends than Nobuhiro Kaneko and Keith Halls and it is all because of Network Marketing.