I have watched and listened to people in this industry for 30 years. I have seen some really great leaders who emerged and made a name for themselves and for their companies. Whenever I hear of a person who has having lots and lots of success in network marketing, I try and go hear them speak. Keith Halls recently spoke at The Association of Network Marketing Professionals conference in Dallas, we talked about it here at length in a previous post.

One of the biggest questions I always had was, how did they do it? What allowed some people to succeed in network marketing while other people, in the same company and possibly even more experienced, didn’t have success in network marketing?

Fact: The Top Leaders in Network Marketing Are Able To Establish A Strong Belief System

The top distributors in great network marketing companies like Amway, NuSkin, Herbalife and the other giants have one thing in common, an unshakable belief system. Did the belief system come over night? No! It took them time, but they worked hard to develop a belief system in:

  1. Their Products
  2. Their Network Marketing Company
  3. Their Compensation Plan
  4. Themselves.

In Network Marketing, Belief Is Key!

Network marketing, direct sales, MLM or other home based business opportunities are all hoping that their members will develop a strong belief in their company and it’s products, they know that the person with a strong belief system is the person who will succeed in network marketing.

Many years ago, I began a system of self study. I called it “The 20 Minute Belief System”. The system revolved around a person reading for 15 minutes a day. What should that person read about? It’s easy, read about the 4 items mentioned above. Then for 5 minutes, record what you read that day. Type what you learned in network marketing and then save it in folders.

For over 5 years now, I have been reading, recording and filing my notes away. Can you imagine how many notes I have in my own personal library? One day, I printed them out and was amazed. I literally had thousands of pages of notes, all arranged by topics in network marketing.

Now, if I ever have a question or if a friend calls me with a question, I refer to my notes and give them the answers I have learned from experts. Actually, I have quotes from so many people, I can’t even remember half of them, but the material they shared with me has made a difference in my network marketing life!!

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