Sponsor People Who Have Had Success Before

As you start your team or as you are expanding your team, be sure to approach the millionaire you know and invite him or her to be part of your team. Call the doctor or lawyer you have always feared calling. I will tell you a secret. I speak with other millionaires almost every day and also with my friends who are professionals. Do you know what so many of them are now asking me a similar question? They ask, “Keith, we are making a lot of money right now and we want to retire someday, but we can’t. The interest we earn on our savings is so little. We need to find something so that we can have residual income for the rest of our lives. Can you help us?” These are the same people who made fun of me for years for being a network marketer. Now, as they approach the end of their working years, they want to have what only network marketing can offer, and that is residual income. You should talk with and sponsor people who have had success in their life and yet they can see their lifestyle slipping away because they don’t have residual income. In today’s world, these are some of the people willing to work the hardest to succeed. They want the residual income to keep up their lifestyle. So, instead of being scared to call them, you should seek them out. They need what only you have to offer!

On September 30, 2002, a 27-year-old man called the millionaire he knew. I know he was scared, but he called and guess what? The millionaire joined his team. In the company they joined, the 27 year old was able to match a rather large portion of the checks of the people he sponsored. That millionaire went to work. The millionaire wasn’t a success at first, he became a $100,000 + a month income earner. And the 27-year-old? He earned to $40,000 to $50,000 a month, just for sponsoring this millionaire. I know this story very well. The “young boy” was a person who had worked for me before at Nu Skin named Seth Moulder. The millionaire was me. He wasn’t going to let anything stand in his path to success and so he called me and was rewarded for it.

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