The Association of Network Marketing Professionals Welcomes Legend Keith Halls

This last week-end in Dallas, Texas, Keith Halls captured the audience with his speech, “The 9 Rules of Success”. He was able to keep the audience on the edge of his seat, as he shared the stories of how we has overcome a speech impediment caused by a brain tumor , as well as 10 abdominal surgeries. Though he still has pain from them every day of his life, he has never let them deter him from achieving success.

Keith Halls is a true professional

The Association of Network Marketing Professionals, of which Keith Halls is a past and current member of the Board, hosted the event. “It was amazing. I met and got to know heroes of mine like Tom Chenault of “The Tom Chenault Show” a feature of Home Business Radio Show, Troy Dooly, of MLM Help Desk and Todd Falcone, a trainer to the industry; Sarah Robbins, the queen of Social Networking, Rod Cook of MLM Watchdog and Paula Pritchard, an industry icon. There were attendees there who were members of NuSkin, Mona Vie, Amway, Organo Gold, Unicity and Usana; as well as others who were just getting started. It was the place to be!”

Keith Halls Knows Success

Keith Halls has truly set the bar for success. He is the first and only person to have ever truly succeeded on the Corporate side of Network Marketing, earning over 25 million dollars and at the height of his career, he left and became a member on the Distributor side, with a completely new company. Twice he has built huge international downlines of nearly 1 million members each time. As a distributor, Keith has earned over 10 million dollars. This feat, of switching from the Corporate side to the Distributor side and succeeding has never been done. “I can honestly say that I ran a large portion of my distributor downline as a home based business, having distributors from around the world stay at my home with me while my kids were growing up. I was a single dad, raising 4 children and 1 million distributors. “.

Keith is best remembered for his work at NuSkin Enterprises. From 1986-2001, Keith worked in a variety of roles, but was one of the 7 original owners. While there, he served as Senior Vice President and a Member of the Board of Directors and was instrumental in helping them orchestra their immensely successful IPO on Wall Street in 1996.

Keith Halls is releasing a new revised edition of ” The 9 Rules to Succeed in Network Marketing” with Garrett and Sylvia McGrath as co-authors. “The experience and feelings that Sylvia brings is enormous! Garrett also shared his 20 years of wisdom. The editions they made coupled with the editorial help of Josephine Gross, the owner of Network Marketing Times, help to make this book a must read for anyone and everyone in the industry. Whether a newcomer to the industry or a person who has been with 4-5 Companies and yet has never found the success they have hoped for or a person who is well on their path to success, the book is essential for your success”

Keith Halls Enterprises also announced today that Keith Halls has finished the first of a 3 part series books on success, and is being edited now. The company said, “Keith is driven to help the average, every day person succeed. All too many are plagued with too much debt and too little income. The new books, when tied together with The 9 Rules, should help millions! True to form, get the Kleenex ready. In this book, his stories will capture an entire nation!”

Get ready America!

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